USPCB A>B Adapter

$ 35.00

This product is no longer available.

The first true "solid" USB 'A' to USB 'B" male-male adapter! The USPCB is ideal for applications where preservation of USB audio signal integrity and impedance match into your DAC is important.  Our own original USB REGEN, the new ISO REGEN, and other small devices such as the Sonore microRendu are examples.

Carefully designed with a 4-layer circuit board, we took into account even the mass of the connectors and the widths and thicknesses of the traces. So this new adapter perfectly preserves signal integrity and impedance match.  IT IS BETTER THAN ANY USB CABLE!

The original USB REGEN comes with a USB A>B adapter—for connection to the DAC input jack—which looks “solid,” but is actually just 4 very short wires crammed into a mold between the two plugs.  It is good, but nowhere near as good as this proprietary new USPCB—which we are including "free" with every ISO REGEN. 

The USPCB is also available with its ‘B’ plug turned 90-degrees (clockwise to the right when looking at it from the ‘B’ end) for vertical orientation of the REGEN—useful with DACs where horizontal positioning would interfere with connection of other cables.

Due to popular demand, the USPCB is now available with a microUSB 'B' plug. Choose this version for DACs such as Chord and other brands whose USB input jack is microUSB size and not standard full-size USB 'B'.

There is also a DIP switch to disconnect the USB 5-volt VBUS line, should you desire to do so.

Try the USPCB in your computer audio chain.  You may be surprised with the results!

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