EtherREGEN: Questions and Answers

The process of extracting the most common questions and answers about our products from hundreds of forum posts and e-mail exchanges has begun.  Some of those will get posted on these Q & A pages.  Please choose the product you are interested in reading about from the F.A.Q. drop-down menu at top.


QUESTION: I would like to learn more about the technical underpinnings of the EtherREGEN and how and why any of this phase-noise and leakage current stuff matters with digital audio. Do you have anything I can read? And do you have measurement proof?

ANSWER: We have published a relatively easy to follow 5-page 'white paper' on those subjects. We have made measurements which reveal differences (with and without EtherREGEN) in phase-noise/jitter at the clock input pin of some DAC chips). Those will be published later on.


QUESTION: I lost the instruction book that came with my EtherREGEN.  Can you download it?

ANSWER: Sure. Here it is. EtherREGEN User Guide (this file is 3.3Mb).


QUESTION: I have an EtherREGEN from the very first batch—shipped in November, 2019—and sometimes my Ethernet devices lose connection. Is there a fix for that?

ANSWER: Yes, we issued a firmware update which you can install yourself. Download the below file, print out and follow the included simple instructions, and you will be all set. In addition to fixing your connectivity problem (explained in more detail in this blog post), this update improves technical performance in other ways—which you may notice sonically!

UpTone EtherREGEN 

Note: This update is ONLY useful for EtherREGEN units shipped in November 2019. All units shipped beginning December 2019 already have this same code loaded. (No harm will come from installing it to later units, you will just be loading the same code already on your board.)