EtherREGEN: Questions and Answers

The process of extracting the most common questions and answers about our products from hundreds of forum posts and e-mail exchanges has begun.  Some of those will get posted on these Q & A pages.  Please choose the product you are interested in reading about from the F.A.Q. drop-down menu at top.


QUESTION: I would like to learn more about the technical underpinnings of the EtherREGEN and how and why any of this phase-noise and leakage current stuff matters with digital audio. Do you have anything I can read? And do you have measurement proof?

ANSWER: We have published a relatively easy to follow 5-page 'white paper' on those subjects. We have made measurements which reveal differences (with and without EtherREGEN) in phase-noise/jitter at the clock input pin of some DAC chips). Those will be published later on.


QUESTION: I lost the instruction book that came with my EtherREGEN.  Can you download it?

ANSWER: Sure. Here it is. EtherREGEN User Guide (this file is 3.3Mb).