MusiCap® Film-and-Foil Capacitors

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For over 25 years MusiCaps have helped audio engineers and music lovers achieve the ultimate level of performance from their designs. Among the most musically accurate capacitors available, MusiCaps provide a dramatic improvement in clarity, focus and dynamics when used in critical new designs, as an upgrade to existing tube or solid-state components, or in loudspeaker crossovers.

MusiCaps are constructed using separate layers of premium foil and polypropylene films, rather than vapor deposited, metallized film used in other popular capacitors. This time-tested film-plus-foil design requires a painstaking manufacturing process using more costly materials. (Film-and-foil capacitors do not self-heal the way metallized types do, so the dielectric films can not have any microscopic pinholes and the voltage ratings are more conservative.) Our construction techniques result in MusiCaps being approximately 100% larger than most metallized-film capacitors, yet the benefits are immediately discernible.

Critical loudspeaker crossovers deserve to have a transparent product specific to the application. The MusiCap line includes capacitors expressly designed for use in speakers. Speaker MusiCaps, with their thicker leads, are a revelation in well-designed crossover networks. While a fully MusiCap-ed crossover is supreme, just installing MusiCaps in the tweeter circuit will reveal much additional detail and nuance.  Many prominent high-end loudspeaker manufacturers have been using MusiCaps in their top models for years.

UpTone MusiCaps — The component of choice when musical realism is your goal. 

  • MusiCaps deliver exceptional dynamics, speed, focus, correct timbre and depth of field, and true inter-transient silence.

  • Separate layers of polypropylene film and conductive foil offer superior clarity of reproduction that metallized-film capacitors can not.

  • Custom stranded silver-plated copper leads—no copper oxidation to ever degrade the music.

  • 1000V Teflon insulation on coupling MusiCaps' 22 gauge leads.  Large, 15 gauge, stranded, silver-plated copper leads on speaker MusiCaps.

  • Lead-free silver-bearing solder used in tinning and attachment of leads. Copper-enhanced end-spray in plate termination.

  • Tight, 5% tolerances. Manufactured entirely in U.S.A.

  • Hand soldered lead termination.

  • Extremely low DA, DF and ESR.

  • 100% pre-testing for absolute quality assurance.

  • Fully RoHS-compliant for ease of use in exported products.

  • Consistent, even, winding tension assures freedom from microphonics.

  • A single capacitor = a singular sound—no time smear from multiple sections.

  • Value to value sonic consistency that is not found in other capacitors—regardless of price.

Available MusiCap values and suggested retail pricing is here.

Physical dimensions are here.

More detail about MusiCap design is here.


Here is a nice testimonial from a high-end speaker designer that recently adopted MusiCaps:

July, 2016
Hi Alex,
I have had several hours of listening, and the caps are very nice!
It took me a little while to adjust, but when I figured out what I was hearing I realized that the Musicaps had returned a certain sense of musicality and naturalness that has been lacking in my system with the five or six other caps I have been experimenting with for the past several years.
It’s pretty easy to find sharp, bright caps which have a leading edge that “tricks” you into thinking the cap is detailed. After extended listening though, I get fatigued by the edge, and usually realize that I’m not really hearing the subtle details I usually expect from my music with these caps. I much prefer a cap with a silky delicate delivery, that really does reveal subtle nuances and details in the music. The Musicap has done exactly that and I’m very pleased! I hear no edginess in the lower region of my tweeter range that I sometimes have noticed with cheaper caps. The crossover band is smooth, seamless, and musically pleasing. The Musicap  also has very nice but subtle high-end extension. I can hear timbre in brass instruments, picks contacting the metal strings on guitars, and sticks striking the heads of drums. I’m now hearing a lot more “Music” from my system, and not just a conglomeration of audiophile effects I had become accustomed to with most of the other caps I tried!
Alexandria, Virginia

If you are building or upgrading your own speakers or electronics and would like to use MusiCaps, please contact one of our fine stocking distributors:

North America, Retail

Antique Electronic Supply   

Parts ConneXion     

Amplified Parts

North America, Dealers & Small OEM CE Distribution
Australia SpeakerBits
China Shenzhen An Sheng Chang Audio
Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bush Electronic Co.

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United Kingdom Hifi Collective Ltd.


OEMs and distributors please contact UpTone Audio for wholesale arrangements.

M U S I C A P  is a registered trademark of UpTone Audio LLC.


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