MUTEC REF10 Nano Clock

$ 1,799.00

The MUTEC REF10 Nano is in stock for immediate shipment. Please contact UpTone for purchase, shipment quotation, and clock cable options.

UpTone Audio is proud to be an official retail dealer for Mutec of Germany!

We are keeping constant stock of the exceptional new REF10 Nano 10MHz ultra-low phase noise reference clock.  And we have access to ship other fine Mutec products such as the big REF10, the REF10 SE120, and the MC3+USB reclocker.

We will add more information to this page, but for now you can view the announcement and discussion of UpTone's appointment as a Mutec dealer at this thread on our forum: UpTone is now an official Mutec dealer!

We can also recommend and sell you very fine 50-Ohm and 75-Ohm low-attenuation clock cables.

Please contact us for stock and shipping cost quotation and to place an order.

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