New web site now accepting orders for USB REGEN and other UpTone products! April 08 2015

We are excited to simultaneously be going live with a modest web site (at long last!) and to begin accepting orders for the highly anticipated USB REGEN.  

Shipments to customers of the first 50 units will begin April 15th.   Cases and circuit boards for the 2nd 50 units are here, but more boxes and power supplies for REGEN kits don't arrive for another week or two.

This first run is just 100 units, so get your orders in now to be assured of receiving one this month.

Please remember, even if you wrote an e-mail, sent a PM through, or made a post saying you wanted a REGEN—placing your order via this site is the only way to get one!

Feel free to e-mail any questions.

If you wish to order a JS-2 LPS at the same time, put a note in the special instructions in your shopping cart or send a message via the Contact Us page. (Having your postal code is key to providing a custom shipping quotation.)

As of today there are just six JS-2 units left available (for early May shipment since the REGEN launch is occupying us). With all the over-the-top reviews of the past month these won't last long.  Chassis, transformers, boards, etc. for another run of 50 JS-2 units are going on order next week.  This is all a balancing act, but rest assured this train is not stopping!

Many thanks and best regards,