USB REGEN launch: Status, links, and gratitude April 16 2015

At long last we have lift-off! The little REGEN birdies have begun their flights around the world. By the graces of some I.T. guys who fixed the past 24-hours disaster (even the clerk at my local PO counter had heard all about it), I was able to—with our youngest son ditching his school homework to help--get 40 REGEN kits and a JS-2 out in time for the 4:15 postal truck departure from our small town. The rest of the first 100 units will leave in the next few days.

Here's proof (and notice the time on the clock):
I'm usually a clean-shaven guy, but many such humane things fell by the wayside this week. 
A few of you asked to purchase a JS-2 to ship with your REGEN. That was a nice surprise. I'll get back to you folks this weekend.

By the way, we have chassis, R-core transformers, boards, etc. for only 5 more JS-2 units—which will be ready for shipping April 30th. After those 5 go, we won't be back in full production of JS-2 until June due to parts lead times. So get your order in now. (JS-2's must be ordered by e-mail or phone.)

People often enjoy hearing about a product's design process directly from the engineer. John Swenson, talking both about what lead to the REGEN and what design details make it special, made another of his always clear and interesting posts in the REGEN thread at

A "REGEN Listening Impressions" thread was started, so after you receive yours and play with it for a while, maybe head over there and share some thoughts about what you hear. Don't be surprised if what you hear with the REGEN confuses you at first. Go back and forth a few times, and listen at length. Your "aha" moment will come—and then you won't want to go back!

Thank you all for your patronage, encouragement, and enthusiasm.
Enjoy the music and the weekend,