2nd production run of USB REGEN sold-out! April 29 2015

And then there were none.

Well, it is official: USB REGEN fever is spreading around the world!  If we did not ourselves know just how effective the REGEN is at improving everything about USB audio playback, then we would be shocked at the unanimous, effusive outpouring of praise for it from everyone who received their unit from the first 100.  (And at least 30 of those 100 units have yet to arrive at their destinations.)

People have sent me links to listening impressions and comparison threads from forums around the world, and it is always the same.  There is of course this thread at ComputerAudiophile.com, the forum where I make my home, but French, Italian, Australian, and Singapore forums are also abuzz about REGEN.

This of course accounts for the sell-out—in just 2 weeks—of the 150 due to ship the last day of May/first few days of June (sorry, could not be helped as more cases don't arrive until mid-May, just days before a long-planned family vacation).

To be very clear about if an order you placed for a REGEN will among the 150 of the forthcoming batch:

If your order number is 1223 or below, then your REGEN will ship between May 29-June 3.

If your order number is 1224 or above, then your REGEN will not ship until approximately June 18th (we will know more after our case customizer in Japan reopens at the end of their "Golden-week" holiday May 11).

Yes, we are planning for larger and more regular production runs.  But it is always good to get your order in early.  

Thanks to one and all for making the UpTone USB REGEN such a success.  Keep spreading the word.

And remember: It's great to REGENerate!